Polypropylene/Foam/Rubber Training Weapons

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Showing 1 - 24 of 37 products

Showing 1 - 24 of 37 products
TPR Rubber Leatherneck Training KnifeTPR Rubber Leatherneck Training Knife
Rubber TPR Black Training KnifeRubber TPR Black Training Knife
Sale price$14.95 AUD
Rubber TPR Black Training Knife
Rubber Knife StraightRubber Knife Straight
Sale price$9.95 AUD
Rubber Knife Straight
Rhinoceros Horn Karambit Polypropylene 9.5″Rhinoceros Horn Karambit Polypropylene 9.5″
Karambit Polypropylene 7"Karambit Polypropylene 7"
Sale price$14.95 AUD
Karambit Polypropylene 7"
Blue Rubber Glock Training GunBlue Rubber Glock Training Gun
Sale price$24.95 AUD
Blue Rubber Glock Training Gun
Black Rubber Glock Training GunBlack Rubber Glock Training Gun
Sale price$24.95 AUD
Black Rubber Glock Training Gun
Kukri Machete Polypropylene 63cmKukri Machete Polypropylene 63cm
Sale price$26.95 AUD
Kukri Machete Polypropylene 63cm
Polypropylene Escrima Kali Stick 28"Polypropylene Escrima Kali Stick 28"
Polypropylene Bo 73.5″Polypropylene Bo 73.5″
Sale price$46.95 AUD
Polypropylene Bo 73.5″
Tapered Polypropylene Bo 72″Tapered Polypropylene Bo 72″
Sale price$46.95 AUD
Tapered Polypropylene Bo 72″
Polypropylene Jo 51″ x 25mmPolypropylene Jo 51″ x 25mm
Sale price$32.95 AUD
Polypropylene Jo 51″ x 25mm
Medieval Synthetic 86cm SwordMedieval Synthetic 86cm Sword
Sale price$42.95 AUD
Medieval Synthetic 86cm Sword
Polypropylene Bokken 39"Polypropylene Bokken 39"
Sale price$34.95 AUD
Polypropylene Bokken 39"
Plastic Saya / ScabbardPlastic Saya / Scabbard
Sale price$16.95 AUD
Plastic Saya / Scabbard
Polypropylene Butterfly Swords 47cmPolypropylene Butterfly Swords 47cm
Tai Chi Polypropylene Sword 38.5″Tai Chi Polypropylene Sword 38.5″
Kung Fu Polypropylene Sword 86.5cmKung Fu Polypropylene Sword 86.5cm
Sale price$38.95 AUD
Kung Fu Polypropylene Sword 86.5cm
Rubber Ninja Stars 4" - Set of ThreeRubber Ninja Stars 4" - Set of Three
Polypropylene Tonfa Baton 22.8″Polypropylene Tonfa Baton 22.8″
Sale price$24.95 AUD
Polypropylene Tonfa Baton 22.8″
20" Polypropylene Black Tonfa Pair20" Polypropylene Black Tonfa Pair
Sale price$39.95 AUD
20" Polypropylene Black Tonfa Pair
Childrens 14" Black Polypropylene Tonfa PairChildrens 14" Black Polypropylene Tonfa Pair
Nunchaku 8″ Black Foam with Gold DragonNunchaku 8″ Black Foam with Gold Dragon
Nunchaku 12″ Black Polypropylene Round with GroovesNunchaku 12″ Black Polypropylene Round with Grooves

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