Warrior Australia is a wholesale company selling throughout Australia and New Zealand to qualified Trade Customers. For further information on wholesale click here or email us warrior@warrioraustralia.com.au or phone 08 9258 9714.

We sell to our Retail Customers via our website plus our products are also available at our Stockists. Our full range is also available at our affiliate store Giri Martial Arts Supplies (Giri's).

Warrior Australia is owned by Philip Pen, a man who has been training in Martial Arts in Western Australia for over 41 years and who has been involved in Martial Arts retailing since 1988 when he started Giri's in Perth, Western Australia. Philip has a keen interest in the sport and is always happy to hear from others involved in Martial Arts and any other General Sports.

Warrior Australia began in 2007 with the purchase of the reputable Warrior® and Magnum® Brands which were established in 1983 in Australia.   Philip stocked these Brands in his retail store Giri's and when he was phoned and asked if he would like to purchase the Brands Philip gladly took up that opportunity as they were quality products that he had been selling for over 19 years.

Warrior Australia is a proudly family owned business with Philip's wife Carolyn and sister-in-law Sharyn working along-side Phil at the Warrior Australia warehouse. Philip's retail store, Giri Martial Arts Supplies, is also a family business, with Philip's youngest son Ryan running the store with some help from other staff and office support from Carolyn.

Since taking on the Warrior® and Magnum® Brands, they have continued to grow and expand into other sporting disciplines including and not limited to Martial Arts, Boxing, Kickboxing, MMA, BJJ, and General Sports.

Our range of products include and are not limited to general training wear, t-shirts, hoodies, shirts, shorts, rash guards, beanies, caps, boxing equipment, uniforms, sashes, belts, BJJ belts, obi's, pants, hand protectors, elbow protectors, arm protectors, shin protectors, knee protectors, shin/instep protectors, knee supporters, knee pads, ankle supporters, elbow supporters, groin guards, shin guards, chest guards, head guards, mouth guards, gloves, mitts, mats, timers, skipping ropes, medicine balls, target pads, kick shields, focus mitts, weight lifting belts, weight lifting gloves, punching bags, self standing bags, self standing punching balls, boxing dummies, self standing floor bags, wall dummies, wall bags, bag stands, workout centres, speedball platforms, counter weights, punching bag plates, wall brackets, swivel & clips, carry bags, embroidered badges, and gift ideas.