Plastic Saya / Scabbard


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Plastic saya for bokken also called a scabbard is 78cm in length and has a built in Kurigata, which is the loop which has the Sageo tied through it. Sageo is the cord, which is made of nylon, which allows you to tie the plastic saya to your Hakama or Obi.  This saya is made of lightweight hardened plastic and sized perfectly for carrying a wooden bokken or plastic sword.

  • Suitable for many of our Bokken and most standard bokken
  • Made from lightweight hardened plastic
  • Comes with built in Kurigata and Sageo
  • Is 78 cm in length
  • Perfect for starting in the world of drawing sword practice
  • Can tie to your hakama or Obi

Within our Bokken range at Giri Martial Arts these Plastic Saya will fit our:

  • Red Oak Bokken WW63I, WW27, WW04
  • Red Wood Bokken WW42
  • White Wood Bokken WW52I
  • Red Oak Junior Bokken WW44
  • PP Black Bokken WP02

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