Wakizashi Sword 62cm PP


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The Wakizashi Sword were traditionally carried by the samurai class of feudal Japan, the wakizashi has a long history and noteworthy presence in the sword world. The three blades generally carried by samurai were the larger-sized katana sword, smaller-sized tanto sword, and midsize wakizashi sword.  The wakizashi being worn together with the katana was the official sign that the wearer was a samurai or swordsman of feudal Japan. When worn together the pair of swords were called daishō, which translates literally as “big-little”. The katana was the big or long sword and the wakizashi the companion sword.

Wakizashi sword made from polypropylene (PP) which enables safe practice and training.

  • Polypropylene
  • Meticulous ornamentation on the blade
  • Tough and durable
  • Erogonomic handle for grip stability

Length:  62cm
Blade:  44.5cm
Handle:  17cm

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