Polypropylene Bokken 39"


Sale price$34.95 AUD


This 39″ PP  training sword is ideal as a training sword without the danger of a real sharpened sword blade.  In keeping with trying to keep the bokken realistic it has a textured handle imitating the cord wrapping of a traditional sword and the blade has a textured wood like pattern.   Made of top grade polypropylene that closely matches a real bokken in length, size, weight, and feel.  Requiring no maintenance they are resilient and durable and are built for sword practice and sword sparring.  Constructed to be durable and cut resistant.  This virtually indestructible plastic training sword is perfect for safe practice.

  • Lightweight and nearly indestructible black polypropylene construction
  • Can be used for Light And Semi Contact Sword Sparring.
  • Removable Tsuba
  • Realistically textured grip
  • Great for safer training

Fits plastic scabbard WP01 (Scabbard sold separately)

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