MMA Gloves


Size: Small
Colour: Blue
Sale price$59.95 AUD


  • Extra heavy duty leather Mixed Martial Arts gloves
  • 2cm regulation padding
  • Ideal for training or professional competition.
  • Available in Sizes: S, M, L, XL.
  • COLOURS: Blue/White and Black/Red.

The Warrior MMA Gloves are a high quality leather glove for Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) training and competition. Unlike most MMA gloves currently on teh market, the Warrior gloves do not taper off at the end of the knuckles, instead the padding is an even 2cm from behind the knuckles right to the end of the first joints of the fingers, meaning there is no chance of bare knuckles coming into contact with your opponent. This prevents a lot of hand injuries associated with MMA. The second purpose of this is to prevent "rollback", which many martial arts practitioners will know as the tearing between the knuckles caused by the gloves rolling backwards with each hit, usually caused by the padding on the top of the glove being thicker than the padding at the front. The Warrior MMA Gloves solves this common problem.

The Warrior MMA gloves are by far one of the most comfortable pair of gloves on the market.

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