Tonfa Black Wooden 18", 20", 24"

SKU: WW103/18

Size: 18"
Sale price$49.95 AUD


Tonfa is most commonly associated with the armed component of Okinawan Martial Arts.  These high quality traditional black hard wood tonfa feature a square main shaft which then tapers into round ends.  The back end of the tonfa features two grooves.  These tonfa are high quality and will make an excellent addition to your training arsenal.

  • High quality hardwood
  • Black Finish
  • Square middle main shaft
  • Tapers to round ends
  • Sizes available:  18″, 24″
  • Handle dimensions:  1 1/4″ thick
    Pommel dimensions: 1 1/2″ wide x 5/8″ height

We sell two styles of tonfa.  Also available is another high quality wood tonfa (Code: WW49).  This tonfa  features the same square middle main shaft and tapers into round ends however the  difference between the two styles is the size of the handle and the pommel. Tonfa (WW49) features a slightly thinner handle and pommel.  If we are out of stock of one tonfa we will automatically send you the other!  If you do not wish for this to occur please put a note on your order and let us know.  Both high quality traditional tonfa.

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