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The modern Shinai was designed to reduce the number of practitioners being seriously injured during practice, making a practice weapon that was less dangerous than a wooden bokken or metal sword.  As well as Kendo, many other Japanese Martial Arts use Shinai as a way to practice sword attacks and defense, the noise they make on impact demonstrate the hit and the relatively less injuries they can cause from a wood or metal sword makes them a more attractive option.

These kendo shinai are the perfect practice sword as the weight and balance characteristics of these shinai are similar to a real Japanese katana, and will help you learn sword techniques without actually swinging a dangerous, sharp steel sword around. This bamboo sword has a leather covered handle for comfortable grip with each coming with a two piece tsbua.   The Shinai is flexible that makes it possible to simulate combat with full power.

  • Bamboo
  • Comes with plastic tsuba for hand protection
  • Leather handle
  • Available in 4 sizes:
    Size 39: 47″
    Size 38: 46″
    Size 37: 44″
    Size 36: 42″


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