Scorpion BJJ Blue Gi

SKU: CU59/A0

Size: A0
Sale price$129.99 AUD


The Warrior Scorpion Gi was designed with Australian temperatures in mind although it could be just as comfortable in any other gym in the world.  Made from quality 100% cotton 400gsm single weave material this uniform is lightweight however designed to last the distance.  The jacket is double stitched with a side-slit design making a strong durable jacket that allows a full range of motion with ample reinforcements at all stress points.  Each shoulder features a Warrior embroidered patch.  The pants are made from durable 100% cotton rip-stop material with drawstring pant closure.  The pants feature reinforced knees and triple stitched seams.  The Warrior Scorpion Gi is both durable and extremely comfortable and is perfect for training at any experience level.  A perfect choice for someone looking to be able to train with confidence but priced to not break the bank.

  • Designed in Australia for Australian temperatures
  • Durable and hard wearing
  • Perfect for all experience levels
  • Also available in Black (CU60) or White (CU58)
  • Available 6 great sizes:  A1 to A6

400gsm single weave
100% cotton
Woven Warrior logo shoulder patches
Double stitched
White belt included

Rip-stop material
100% cotton
Triple stitched seams
Reinforced knees
Drawstring closure

 A1  157 - 165cm
 50 - 64kg
 A2  165 - 175cm
 64 - 75kg
 A3  170 - 185.5cm
 73 - 89kg
 A4  178 - 188cm
 84 - 107kg
 A5  183 - 193cm
 102 - 125kg
 A6  +190cm  +115kg

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