Sai Black Octagonal

SKU: WM52/38

Size: 38cm
Sale price$99.95 AUD


The Sai is a traditional piercing melee weapon.  The Sai are used for striking, locking and blocks.  The unique shape of the Sai, with the two pronged hilt, has the advantage during combat as it can trap the opponents weapon in these prongs and disarm them.  The Sai is also a very good weapon for defensive moves.

These Black Octagonal Sai are sold as a pair and feature a bound handle for excellent grip.  They are solid steel construction with an excellent black finish.  Perfect for your training needs.

  • Faux leather wrapping on handle for excellent grip
  • For striking, locking, trapping and blocking
  • Set of two
  • Available in 4 sizes: 15"/38cm, 18″/45cm, 19.5″/50cm or 21.5″/55cm

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