PP Bo Pole Spear Arm


Sale price$84.95 AUD


The Pole Spear Arm  Head is beautifully presented featuring a light textured design along the bo and five sections of grooved anti-slip grip lines along the length of the pole arm for excellent grip and control.  Made from tough, durable and virtually unbreakable polypropylene this pole arm will make a perfect addition to your training arsenal.  One end of the pole features a gold cap with a screw hole to enable the spear heads to be attached.  Our spear heads can be detached  from the  staff pole so this way the staff pole is interchangeable with any of our spears heads available:

WP26I – Naginata Spear Head
WP27I –  Kwan Dao Spear Head
WP28I –  Yari Spear Head
WP29I –  Single Straight Spear Head

This unique 2 In 1 item can also be used as a stand alone full contact bo staff or attached to a spear head.

  • Tough & durable
  • 5 Grooved Sections
  • Textured wood pattern grip
  • Polypropylene
  • 1250 grams
  • Great for safe training
  • Length:  183cm
  • Width: 30mm


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