Nunchaku 12″ Wood Octagonal with Grooves


Sale price$42.95 AUD


Made out of two solid 12″ pieces of hardwood and connected with an ultra-fast chain and ball bearing, these octagon nunchucks with grip handles are great for weapon kata.  Nunchucks are a great tool for training as they can aid improvement with hand eye co-ordination and flexibility within the arms.  The 12″ handles of these  octagonal wood nunchaku fits your hand perfectly and the carved grips etched into the handles help increase the surface tension to give you an unshakable grip. The handles are connected with a 5″ ball bearing swivel chain, which provides free range of motion.

  • Octagonal Shape
  • 12″ Natural Wood Handles
  • 13 carved grooves on the handle for easy grip
  • Diameter: 1.2″
  • 5″ Chain and Swivel Connector

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