Light Weight BJJ Kimono White

SKU: CU39/A1

Size: A1
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The Warrior "Summer" Light Weight Kimono is made from 100% cotton, 400gsm single weave, designed with Australian temperatures in mind, although it could be just as comfortable in any other gym in the world.  Perfect for hard training on hot days, The Warrior "Summer" Light Weight Kimono is the perfect uniform for those who don't want to let the heat get in the way of their training.

Single weave 400gsm uniform
100% cotton
Warrior BJJ jacket specifically designed for BJJ
Lightweight pants with reinforced knees
Drawstring waist

Sizes A1, A2, A3, A4, A5

 A1  157 - 165cm
 50 - 64kg
 A2  165 - 175cm
 64 - 75kg
 A3  170 - 185.5cm
 73 - 89kg
 A4  178 - 188cm
 84 - 107kg
 A5  183 - 193cm
 102 - 125kg
 A6  +190cm  +115kg

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