CoolGuard Plastic Insert


Size: XXSmall
Sale price$24.95 AUD


  • Soft but strong Polyethylene and just 2 mm thick
  • Sizes available: XXSmall, XSmall, Small, Medium, Large, XLarge.
  • Bra available in White or Black (sold separately)
  • CoolGuard has passed European CE certification for use as a Martial Arts women’s chest protector. EN 13277, EU 2016/425
  • CE approval is mandatory for protective equipment in European karate competition. Don't accept the risk of using non CE-certified chest protection.
  • Approved by AIBA for use in Boxing.

* To allow customers the choice to buy the bra or the inserts individually the bra and inserts are sold separately.  The Bra code is CG

 A double thickness pocket in the bra is formed over each breast to firmly hold the carefully shaped plastic inserts in position. Flexible plastic inserts cover the breasts for support, comfort and protection. Inserts are easily fitted or removed while the Cool Bra Cover is inserted.

CoolGuard supports the breasts and holds them firmly in their natural position and shape. Most sports bras merely compress the breasts tight against the chest.  Increase your participation, confidence and enjoyment in sport by protecting your breasts.

Specially designed pockets hold a custom correctly shaped protector over your breasts. CoolGuard uses ergonomically shaped flexible plastic protection inserts, made from soft but strong Polyethylene and just 2 mm thick. 

The breast protection insert extends around under arm for added protection and to better locate the insert in position. Inserts are easily removed or fitted while the CoolGuard Bra is being worn. The inserts don't touch the wearer’s body.  Six sizes of insert are available. 

Fitting guidelines:  
  • The correct insert should sit comfortably over the entire breast.  It’s better to fit down for cup/ insert
  • If in doubt, fit upwards for the bra/ top.

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