Bo/Staff 72″ Rattan without Skin 30mm


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The Rattan Bo is considered the lightest & most flexible of staffs. Much like bamboo, rattan is a natural product.  This 30mm rattan bo is machined to have a smooth finish and consistent diameter from end to end.  The all-natural rattan is strong and durable yet flexible at the same time.  This flexibility enables fast striking movements and speed from it being so lightweight and strong. This traditional bo is ideal for blocks, strikes, sweeps and entrapment training.  Many martial arts styles will love training with this Bo Staff.

  • 100% Rattan Wood
  • Rattan finish without skin
  • Excellent for training
  • A tough, versatile weapon
  • Flexible for fast striking movements
  • Length: 6ft/183cm
  • Diameter: 30mm

They are a tough weapon and will take some impact for partner work and drills. Please be aware however that rattan is not indestructible. Rattan can break so a real thumping could end up with a broken stick. Be careful with your bo and it should last you for some time. Any damage incurred through misuse of this item is the sole responsibility of the customer and will invalidate its warranty and returns policy.


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