Tactical Master 26" Blue Machete & Throwing Knife Set


Sale price$74.95 AUD


This 26" length 440 stainless steel machete & 3 x 6.5" throwing knife set is sure to impress!  The black machete features cut outs on the blade and finished with a blue metallic blade edge.  The rear of the blade has a saw back section.  A nylon cord wrapped handle finishes this machete.  Three kunai 6.5" throwing knives are the perfect compliment to the machete finished in the same blue metallic edge finish and cord wrapped handles. . All three kunai and machete fit comfortably in the purpose fit heavy duty black nylon sheath with shoulder strap for ease of transport.

  • 26" Overall Length
  • Blue Tray & Black Tie Rope
  • 6.5" Kunai Throwing Knives
  • Includes Sheath and 3 Throwing Knives  
  • 440 Stainless Coated Steel
  • Full Tang
  • Wrapped Nylon Cord Handles

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