Nunchaku 8″ Black Foam with Gold Dragon


Sale price$29.95 AUD


This  8″ nunchaku is perfect for children learning the art of Nunchaku with the shorter length.  The black foam padded nunchaku will enable individuals to train safely and comfortably at full force.  The nunchaku feature a foam padded plastic core.  The foam padding is 1/4″ thick and extends the length of each handle.   Each handle has a gold dragon design.  The handles are connected with a 5″ ball bearing swivel chain, which provides free range of motion. Nunchucks are a great tool for training as they can aid improvement with hand eye co-ordination and flexibility within the arms.

  • 8″ length
  • Great for children
  • Easy to hold foam covered plastic handles
  • Gold dragon design
  • Approximately 1.25″ diameter
  • 5″ Chain and swivel

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