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Yari PP ABS Spear Head

The Yari Spear head is beautifully presented featuring a decorative pattern on both sides of the blade.  This beautiful Yari spear head is made from made from Ultra Strong Polypropylene ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Copolymers) . This material  is known to be a virtually unbreakable material tough, rigid and durable.   This makes this Yari spear head perfect for full contact training.  The realistic weight and hardness will allow a perfect combat simulation perfect for weapons intended for blade-to-blade training.  Please note the staff pole is not included.  Our spear heads can be detached  from the  staff pole so this way the staff pole is interchangeable with our other spears heads available Single Straight Spear Head (WP29I),  Naginata Spear Head (WP26I) and Kwan Dao Spear Head (WP27I).  This unique 2 In 1 item can also be used as a stand alone full contact bo staff or attached to a spear head.   Our  Yari Spear Head would make a priceless addition to any weapons arsenal.

  • Composition: ABS Polypropylene
  • Color : Silver (Chrome)
  • Total length: 39 cm
  • Thickness of the blade: 2 cm
  • Weight: Approx. 220 g
  • Polypropylene Pole Staff Not Included

Whilst this spear head is sold separately you can purchase the pole and spear as one item or as individual pieces.   See items below:

WP25I Polypropylene Pole Staff 183cm
WP26I Naginata Spear Head
WP27I   Kwan Dao Spear Head
WP28I   Yari Spear Head
WP29I   Single Straight Spear Head

WP26IFullSpear   Naginata Spear Head & Pole
WP27IFullSpear   Kwan Dao Spear Head & Pole
WP28IFullSpear Yari Spear Head & Pole
WP29IFullSpear   Single Straight Spear Head & Pole

Code: WP28I

Price: $78.95

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