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Medieval 58cm Battle Shield Black (ABS)

The Black Battle Shield is perfect for training drills, self-defence techniques and battle re-enactments.  Made from virtually unbreakable Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Copolymers (ABS) the shield is designed as a functional shield and is designed to be realistic in size and feel.  Whilst virtually unbreakable this shield is designed for sparring only with polypropylene swords. This shield  should not be used against any other steel or wood swords.  Featuring patterned detailing on the front, the shield is slightly flexible allowing for better shock absorption when struck with other training weapons.  The back of the shield has a handle with a padded nylon strap with hook and loop fastener.  A cushioned makes the shield comfortable to hold and also protects the wearer's arm from impact.

  • For training drills and demonstrations
  • Handle and adjustable strap to secure to forearm
  • ABS material
  • Black
  • Patterned shield front
  • Rear foam padding for comfortable hold
  • Diameter: 58cm
  • Weight:  1600 grams

Code: WP18I

Price: $149.95

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